Friday, March 09, 2018

Enter Our Giveaway & Join Us on Our Upcoming Hop

It's that time of the year. Time for green everything, Not to mention talk of pots of gold at the end of rainbows. So, what are the authors of St. Patrick's Romance Facebook Hop & Giveaway eager to share with you? Three POTS OF GOLD, that's what!

POG #1 ~ March 12-29, enter our St. Patrick's Romance Giveaway for your chance to win a Kindle Paperwhite & leather case, Kindle Fire tablet, or one of several ebook prize packs where you choose the books you want us to buy for you.

POG #2 ~ May the luck of the Irish be with you March 15-18 for our Mega Gift Card Facebook Hop with 70 authors and a gift card giveaway at every stop!

POG #3 ~ We're romance writers and that means books, lots of lovely, irresistible books. Shop our Book Fair where you'll find over 65 titles in a wide range of genres, most on sale!

Current updates: All authors have posted to the hop. However, Facebook, in it's infinite wisdom has been removing some posts. We do not know why and FB has thus far provided no explanation. Authors who have lost their posts are reposting them. Please check the individual author's FB pages for details. By way of apology for the inconvenience, we are giving away (10) Amazon $5 gift cards here.

List of Sponsoring/Participating Authors

Traci Douglass*
Michele Barrow-Belisle*
Carrie Whitethorne
L.D. Rose
Leanne Banks*
Stephanie Queen*
Donna Fasano
Denise Devine*
Josie Riviera*
Stacy Gold*
C.A. King*
Karen Michelle Nutt*
Chiquita Dennie*
Natalie Ann*
Pauline Creeden*
Jana Richards*
Ashlee Price*
Dystopian Fantasy Fantatics*
Calinda B*
Mary Abshire
Marsha A. Moore*
Jennifer Saints*
Susan Jean Ricci*
Donna R. Mercer*
Amanda Uhl*
Ruth Kaufman*
Nancy Radke**
Debbie White*
Angelica Kate*
Mimi Barbour**
Elizabeth Rose*
Anni Fife*
Taylor Lee*
Soraya Naomi
Alicia Street
Sydney Aaliyah Michelle*
Tena Stetler*
Holly Cortelyou**
Cara Marsi
Laurel Greer*
Maureen Bonatch*
S.A. Larsen*
Joanne Dannon
Authors' Billboard**
Joynell Schultz*
Alyssa Drake*
Donna Schlachter*
Bree M. Lewandowski*
Charmaine Ross
Bambi Lynn*
Monique McDonell*
Melissa McClone*
Chloe Flowers**
Bree Dahlia*
Mary Morgan*
Beata Blitz*
Julie Trettel*
Kristy Tate*
PG Forte*
Sahara Roberts*
Sarah Williams
Kathryn Knight
Mona Sedrak*
Jennifer Vester*
April Fire*
Traci Hall*
Stella Marie Alden*
Pamela S. Thibodeaux*
Melissa Belle*
Aileen Harkwood*
*indicates author is offering a $10 or higher value gift card. **$20 or higher.